Puppy and Dog Training School @ Scooby Day Care by Precious Pups Dog Services.

About Us

About Us

My very earliest memories are of dogs, at two years old with patch, a black and white cross breed and us sharing my sisters Easter Eggs……

Choosing The Right Puppy

Choosing A Puppy

There are many rescue centres throughout Scotland which house hundreds of dogs who have been given up or abandoned by their owners……

Dog Training Classes

Training Classes

Positive reward based training, Puppy Parenting Program & Basic Obedience. Every Saturday, 5 weeks puppy/dog training classes……

Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification

Understanding the reasons behind your dogs behaviour is the key to managing the behaviour. Some of the most common behavioural……

Training Philosophy

Understanding the reasons why your dog does, or doesn’t do something is the key to obtaining the behaviour you desire.

Our training philosophy is underpinned by the knowledge and understanding of how dogs learn and think and this philosophy is used in all aspects of our training from basic obedience to behaviour modification programs.

As owners, it’s our responsibility to keep our dogs happy, healthy and safe. Training plays a big part in all of these conditions.

We use positive reinforcement methods in all of our training programs and systematic desensitisation where required. Our programs offer owners practical and theoretical advice enabling them to understand their dogs perception of the human world building towards a long, happy and mutually respectful relationship between dog and owner.

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We are proud to follow the National Occupational Standards for Planning and implementing training programmes for dogs and handlers.

Precious Pups Dog Services also provide Behaviour Modification and Private Training @ Scooby Day Care.